!! FREE Firearm Transfer to Fountain Firearms !!

Most other Gun Shops charge a "sneaky" firearm transfer fee. Our is FREE if you pick up your NFDN or GOG of TSS firearm order with in 7 days of deliver to our store. Any pickup after 7 days will have a $45 fee, per gun.  Don't worry we call and email you as soon as your firearm arrives. We even send you a back ground check form to fill out early.


 Click Here to SAVE TIME & MONEY!! - Fill out your Early Back Ground Check 4473 Form

REMEMBER!! Pick up your NFDN or GOG of TSS order promptly and SAVE $45, per gun!!

After 30 Days your firearm(s) purchase(s) with NFDN or GOG of TSS is considered abandoned

Fountain Firearms Appreciates Your Business