Transferring a Firearm to Fountain Firearms

1.What To Do

Send our FFL License to the FFL agent or Individual who is shipping the firearm(s) to Fountain Firearms.

2.Choose A Transfer Option

Traditional Option) One Free Firearm Transfer, with an additional $85+ In-Store Or $85+ Web-Store purchase ( In-Store purchase must be made at the time of transfer pickup. Web-Store purchase can be made up-to 10 days prior to transfer pickup (Remember to bring proof of web-store purchase). This traditional option saves YOU $35+, in fees, that other FFL agents charge. It's A Win-Win with all your investment goes into merchandise. Additional firearm(s), on same transfer, $25 Each.

Cash Option!!!) Limited Time Only!!! $35 CASH ONLY, first firearm transfer. Additional firearms, on same transfer, $25, each, CASH ONLY. Payment of fee(s) is made at the time of transfer pickup.

3.Pick Up your Firearm Timely Pleases

When the firearm(s) arrives at Fountain Firearms you have 7 Days to pick up your transfer(s). Afterwards, a gun storage fee will occur. This fee is $10 a week/per firearm. Transfers not picked up in 30 days, after delivery to Fountain Firearms, will be considered abandoned. Please pick up your transfer timely.

4.Need Help, Have Questions or Need Assistance??

Call 281-561-8447, email or text 281-733-3632

FFL License SOT License

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